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Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments

Liquid, Soluble Powders and Granular Formulations for Improved Plant Nutrient Uptake

Borregaard's soil amendments work by complexing nutrients into a plant available form to maximize plant health and performance. Applications in a variety of agricultural crops, turf and ornamental environments, and aquacultures show that BorreGRO products have consistently improved the availability of both Macro and Micronutrients, both for existing nutrients in the soil plus amended soil fertility applications.

BorreGRO products are available for private label opportunities, a value-added ingredient to proprietary granular fertilizer blends or custom starter nutrient formulations.

Sustainable Soil Amendments Available from Borregaard:

BorreGRO HA-1

This high quality, proprietary formulation of humic acid, is compatible in a wide range of pH values, including phosphate fertilizers.  The unique formulation allows more humic content to be loaded into fertilizer blends and remains in a stable solution for an extended period of time.

BorreGRO HA-1 Liquid
BorreGRO HA-1 Powder

BorreGRO HA-2

A good quality, standard humic acid that uses conventional K2OH extract methods.  The product provides a high carbon content to the soil and comes in 2 formulation choices.

BorreGRO HA-2 liquid
BorreGRO HA-2 powder


Creating what nature intended, this lignin based organic polymer delivers another complexing agent alternative.  The Ca rich molecule can be applied directly at planting to the growing zone or through a variety of irrigation systems and in alkali soils will aid in the release or availability of Phosphorus.  Blended with other organic acids or pH neutral nutrient complexes, BorreGRO CA is an excellent choice for salinity control.

BorreGRO CA 50% liquid
BorreGRO CA 58% liquid
BorreGRO CA powder