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Granulation Aids

Granulation Aids

Binding Agents that Build Strength

Fertilizer Binders that Improve Product Integrity, Crush Strength, and Reduce Dust

These lignosulfonates are large water-soluble natural polymers specifically manufactured for the industrial formulation of fertilizer and other granulated nutrient products.

The unique properties of Borregaard's binding agents are key ingredients that build granule crush strength, provide dust suppression and allow the finished product to break down and release nutrients in the target environment.

Benefits for the agro industry include:

  • Ease of Application
  • Lower Dust / Fines
  • Suitable for Bulk Blending
  • Increased Granule Crush Strength
  • Durable in Transportation
  • Reduction of Windage Loss
  • More Uniform Distribution to Crops
  • Cost Effective

Functionality Benefits in Fertilizer Manufacturing Include: 

  • Agglomeration of Raw Materials
  • Optimized Pellet (Prill) Characteristics
  • In-process Dust Control
  • Finished Product De-Dusting
  • Conditioning to Aid Storage and Distribution
  • Price Stability Compared to Oil

Contact your regional representative for more information on fertilizer binding agents.