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Complexing Agents

Complexing Agents & RTU Micronutrients

Superior Complexing Performance for Foliar Application of Micronutrient Formulations

Our specialty lignosulfonate unique properties benefit the micronutrient formulator at many stages of the operation. It can be used to make metal complexes that are stable over a wider pH range and is able to load higher concentrations of metal salts than other non-EDTA conventional complexing agents.

Marasperse AG

Marasperse AG has better tolerance to high metal concentrations than other lignosulfonate based products.

This uniquely formulated lignosulfonate gives superior performance as a complexing agent for foliar micronutrients.  It is easy to use, nonphytotoxic to plant foliage, and produces stable complexes over a wide pH range. 

Foliar micronutrients formulated with Marasperse AG are clean solutions and  have excellent storage stability, good freeze-thaw properties and low solution viscosities.  In addition, Marasperse AG provides a source of added organic carbon and soluble sulphur.  Tissue safety is a key feature of Marasperse AG formulations.  Applications can be made with confidence to a variety of high value crops, grove, orchard and vineyards, row crops, turf, and ornamentals

Marasperse AG liquid
Marasperse AG powder

BorrePlex NA

BorrePlex NA is an OMRI certified sodium lignosulfonate designed to give superior performance when used as a complexing agent for micronutrients. When properly formulated, BorrePlex NA micronutrients show clean, high quality appearance, excellent freeze-thaw stability, excellent storage stability and low viscosity at high metal contents.

BorrePlex NA liquid
BorrePlex NA powder

Borresperse AM 320

This product has been developed for customers who prefer ammonia salt.

Borrechel Micronutrients

Pre-formulated, Ready-to-Use Micronutrients
Our pre-formulated lignosulfonate-based micronutrients offer users an easy-to-use option for soil and foliar applications.

Borrechel is easy to use, non-phytotoxic and provide high levels of soluble & complexed micronutrients when used in foliar and/or fertigation solutions.

The ratio of lignosulfonate to micronutrient in Borrechel micronutrients has been optimized to ensure proper stability of the complex over a pH range of 2-9.

Borrechel micronutrients are an excellent choice for dry mixing with fertilizers. In addition, the lignosulfonate present in Borrechel micronutrients is a source of added organic carbon and soluble sulfur, which are necessary nutrients for good soil microbiology and healthy plant growth. Borrechel micronutrients are safe to use and when used properly, do not cause leaf burn.