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Dispersing Agent

Sustainable Dispersing Agents for Agrochemical Formulations

Borregaard LignoTech provides sustainable dispersing agents for pesticide formulations.

Our dispersing agents have been developed and optimized over many years to create stable formulations in terms of suspensibility and redispersibility, emulsion stability, wetting, and rheology control.  The products also demonstrate other key properties in formulations such as binding, grinding aid, complexing agent, crystal growth inhibition, and UV protection.

Borregaard LignoTech's dispersing agents are suitable for different types of agrochemical formulations like: wettable powder (WP), water dispersible granule (WDG), suspension concentrate (SC), suspoemulsion (SE), soluble liquid (SL), and capsule suspension (CS). Our dispersing agents are also exempt from tolerance 40 CFR 180.910 and 40 CFR 180.930 and are REACH exempted. 

Agro-applications for Borregaard LignoTech dispersing agents:

Dispersant Chart

Other applications for our products include:

  • Seed Coating
  • Impregnated & Applied Granules (GR)
  • Emulsions (EW & SE).

  Contact your regional representative for samples or more information on our dispersants.