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Sustainable Agricultural Amendments for Healthy Crop, Plant and Turf Growth

Derived from natural and renewable raw materials such as wood and other mined organic substances, our precision-formulated plant nutrient and fertilizer additives are designed specifically for formulators and distributors. Functioning to stimulate nutritional uptake and improve soil fertility, Borregaard LignoTech's agro products offer proven solutions that are sustainable for both plant growth and for business.

Additive Solutions Based on Bioscience Technology Include:

  • Soil conditioners for improving nutrient uptake and increasing soil biodiversity
  • Easy-to-use pre-formulated micronutrients for soil and foliar applications
  • Complexing agents for formulating micronutrients
  • Agglomeration aids for manufacturing pelletized fertilizers

Proven Soil Treatment and Plant Nutrition Additives Include:

  • BorreGRO HA-1
    A truly unique acid soluble potassium humate, which is soluble in low pH fertilizer, micronutrient, or biostimulant formulations.
  • BorreGRO HA-2
    A traditional potassium humate that is OMRI Certified and widely used as a soil amendment for organic farming.
  • BorreGRO CA
    An active complexing agent for soil nutrients, which provides a source of added organic carbon, sulphur and calcium, necessary for healthy crops.
  • Marasperse AG
    Offers growers the choice of a “natural” complexing agent for foliar and soil applied micronutrients.
  • Borrechel
    Ready to use micronutrients and an excellent choice for dry mixing with fertilizers to provide high levels of soluble & complexed micronutrients when used in foliar and/or fertigation solutions.

Our starter, foliar, soil, and specialty fertilizer additives are enhancing crop growth worldwide for all types of agricultural production and grower applications. Please contact your Borregaard LignoTech Agro representative for more information about your specific formulation requirements and to inquire about private labelling.